Archives for March 2007

Put those cable-passthrough holes in your desk to use!

Most “computer” desks these days have those 3-inch or so holes which are used to pass cables from underneath the desk to the monitor, keyboard, and other gizmos on the top. However, most people don’t need all of those holes and they sit empty and worthless. Until now…

Wrist mounted MP4 video player

Now you can feel like Dick Tracy with your very own wrist-watch style video watch! It also plays mp3s and of course, tells the time.

Soda fountain for booze fanatics

If you really, and I mean really, love your wine then this “wine fountain” will undoubtedly be of significant interest.

Blast from the past: the steel ball clock

Once a common fixture in trinket stores during the 1980’s these clocks use steel balls and a motor to display the time in a unique way.

Solar powered USB flash drive?

One of the benefits of flash memory is that it doesn’t require electricity to retain its contents. So why, then does this USB flash drive have a solar energy source?

You can now register and appear on the Top Commentors

I am experimenting with letting readers create accounts here at! If you create an account and login, you will be able to enter your own site’s URL into your profile. Your name and URL will then be visible in the Top Commentors box on the right side if you’re one of the top 10 […]

Make your iPod boom with powerful sound

Looking somewhat like a fancy guitar amp, this iPod speaker system gives you the power to annoy your neighbors and overcome noisy kids all in the interest of hearing your tunes or podcasts.

Micro vending machine

Why settle for a plain old micro refrigerator to keep your canned drinks cold near your desk when you can have a miniature vending machine? Variety is the spice of life!

Encode your GPS location in digital photos

With modern digital cameras and large storage cards, everyone has gotten back from a trip or vacation with virtual piles and piles of photos and at some point, has wondered “where did I take that?” Well, now you can use satellite GPS technology and always know exactly where a picture was taken!

Blast-chill your canned drinks or wine bottles

Never will you be forced to drink a warm soda or beer again thanks to this great gizmo! Oh, it also chills your white wines if your tastes run in that direction.