Archives for February 2007

Expensive “vaporizing pipe” helps lazy, rich smokers

Ahh, what is a “smoker” to do when they are too lazy or otherwise too incapacitated to pull a few tubes of their favorite dried material? Well, if you’re rich, you buy this vaporizer.

Review: Affordable 50mw handheld laser

Once costing hundreds of dollars, the high-powered green laser is now an affordable, amazing gizmo that the determined hobbiest can afford. This review covers a 50 milliwatt 532nm green laser from

Perforate your recordable discs for privacy

Help protect your identity and confidential data by destroying recordable CDs and DVDs with this small, inexpensive handheld punch.

Home donut factory would make Homer proud

You know that old George Foreman grill that drains the fat away? Who wants that anymore – get the Simpsons Donut maker and keep more of the fat in!

Assess the size of your pimp wad in mere seconds

If you bought the RC speedboat posted a while back, and now you’re looking to take your Miami Vice revival to the next level, you might like this Digital Cash Counter.

Improve your presentation skills with this laser controller (review)

I don’t think that giving presentations in front of crowds would be on anybody’s “favorite things to do” list, but there are some tricks you can use to help make it easier. This slick little handheld remote lets you control your computer, flip PowerPoint slides, point things out with a laser, and then stores handily […]

Find-out who dropped the bomb in the elevator

When you have this high-tech gizmo, you’ll always be able to figure-out who floated the air-biscuit in your meeting or who dropped the not-so-floral bouquet in the elevator.

Stylish biometric locks for your home

If you wanted to have a fingerprint activated lock on your home until now, you had to have a large, usually ugly lock system much like you’d find on a factory door. Now, thanks to Kwikset, you can have a lock that looks nice but still offers you the techie goodness that you desire.

Solar powered sculptures spin and whirl

Combining a dash of artistic flair, a motor, and a solar panel, these kinetic sculptures entertain and amaze without batteries or electrical connections.

Duplicate angles quickly for your projects

Do you have hobbies which require you to cut strange angles and match shapes? Do you do your own home improvement projects? If so, you’ll see that this tool will be immediately useful.