Archives for January 2007

Drive pests away with high frequency sounds

I’m not talking about your run of the mill insect pests, but rather high school punks and delinquents.

Open those plastic clamshell packages with ease

Are you tired of cutting your fingers trying to open those adult-proof clear plastic packages that seem to enclose everything these days? You know, the kind where the edges are melted together to form an apocalypse-proof enclosure? The OpenX will help with that.

Binoculars with a built-in digital camera

This gizmo is sure to keep the peeping Toms busy, but I suppose that it’s actually targeted at hikers, bird watchers, and other outdoorsy type people. It combines a set of binoculars with a 5 mega-pixel digital camera.

Personal barcode scanner helps track household stuff

If you’re one of those people who is an organizing nut, this handheld, keychain-sized barcode scanner will let you take your life to a new level. Finally, you can scan every item in your house and build databases and lists galore!

Better hope your hamster doesn’t join a biker gang

What are you to do if your pet rodent is tired of running in a wire wheel? Does your dog chase poor hammy in his little exercise ball on the floor? Maybe an exercise motorcycle would be cooler?

Heated body lotion dispenser signals that you have too much money

One thing is for sure these days: we have it easy. With today’s unparalleled luxuries and excessive consumption, how does one pamper themselves after a hard day of letting their husband work all day? With a heated body lotion dispenser, of course!

The ultimate DIY hobbit home

This is more of a DIY project than a gizmo, but it’s so cool, I had to write about it. This English guy used nature-friendly techniques to build an awesome home that looks like something Bilbo Baggins would be more than comfortable in.

Sparkly speakers glow while playing your music

If you’re looking for some speakers to plug your iPod or other mp3 player into, you could get a pair of generic, boring old-school speakers, or you could get these glowing, wavy iLight speakers to keep things interesting.

Multi-function mousepad heats and hubs

This clever device is actually a useful USB powered goody. It’s a mousepad that is heated and has a built-in USB hub for flash drives, cameras, or whatever other connections you’d like to have conveniently located.

Electronic credit card vault

Is your wallet packed with loads of plastic cards? Credit cards, debit cards, department store cards, grocery story discount cards, movie rental cards, and too many more to list? If so, this credit card vault might be a solution for you.