Archives for December 2006

Color changing jellyfish shaped desklamp

Not only does this lamp look unique, it shifts colors and is controlled by a handheld remote control, making it the ultimate mood light for when you need to get your mack on.

Banana Bunker keeps your banana safe

Alright – get your mind out of the gutter! This is a real product designed to keep your easily-damaged fresh fruit unbruised until you can enjoy it. Any resemblance to other items you might be giggling about is purely coincidental and might show that you’ve been to the seedier parts of the internet 😉

Get your own personal planetarium

Planetariums are cool. Lasers are cool too. What happens when you combine the two? You get a portable, personal planetarium that can project pinpoint stars as well as gaseous clouds and other interstellar structures that we’ll probably never see in our lifetimes.

The Fish ‘n Flush aquarium toilet

Replace your standard, boring toilet with something a bit more interesting: the Fish ‘n Flush. It has a specially-designed tank which is divided into two sections, one for the regular flushing water and another to house your live fish.

Never lose your WD-40 red straw again

Or whatever other straws you have with your aerosol products.

Relax in tropical style no matter where you live

Like a real trip to the tropics, this will nail your wallet, but it is more convenient.

Stick-anywhere camera tripod

Never be at a loss for a place to stick your camera for that perfect shot.

Fire and ice gizmo entertains – slowly

What a strange invention, especially for a candle.

Lamp is made from a bowl of cereal

It’s amazing what creative people can come-up with to sell on the internet.

A basecamp liger?

Nothing says “I came, I climbed, I conquered” like a really weird stuffed monster thing on a spike.