Archives for November 2006

Send your digital pictures to granny

Even if she doesn’t own a computer!

Gargantuan old-school LED clock

If you cannot read this without your glasses, you’ve got a serious problem.

Entertain holiday guests with colorful cocktails!

With the holidays approaching, amaze your guests with some unique gizmos!

Your very own remote control UFO

The perfect gift for the alien-fan in your family!

Glow in the dark stair treads

Never trip on your stairs again — as long as you’ve had the light on recently.

Airplane shaped candle holder?

The “Planedelabra?”

Reusable paper fades to white after 24 hours

An interesting idea for reducing office waste.

Avoid those filthy public bathroom handles with style

Especially as we enter the cold and flu season, this invention could be very useful.

Pushing the envelope of mouse technology

By keeping the cord out of your way while gaming…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all readers who celebrate the holiday! I’ll be on the road for a few days and will have limited access to post cool new gizmos, so it will be slow/no posts during the next few days. Mike