Archives for October 2006

Space-age pillows glow like a movie prop

Want your bedroom to feel like a Star Trek set, at least without the alien babes?

Convert from gas guzzler to grease guzzler

Power your car with leftover french-fry goodness.

Pulsating power cord shows power usage

It looks like a power conduit from a Star Trek ship, but is actually useful.

LED license plate frame for your car

I can think of many things I’d say besides $sports_team on mine.

Variable intensity hot sauce

Think Dave’s Insanity is too hot? Dial it down to your level.

USB flash drive that plumps as you fill it

Never again wonder how full your USB flash drive is!

Extension cords with evenly spaced outlets

Another of those “why didn’t I think of that?” inventions.

Tired of watching tiny videos on iPods or other PMPs?

These goggles might be your answer.

Nothing says “I love you” like a personalized bean

I’m not sure this’ll get you out of the doghouse like roses would, though.

Bed floats on magnets

The ultimate in designer chic furniture.