Automatically restart your troublesome electronic devices

Keep your unruly devices in-line by restarting them every night, automatically! No more locked-up routers or cable boxes.

The ultimate mousepad

Read-on if you want perhaps one of the most unique, coolest mouse pads available.

Spring flower planting made easier with Mom-friendly USB tool

This interesting USB gadget brings modern datalogging technology to your flower gardens and helps you have the yard that’s the envy of everyone in the neighborhood!

Retro gaming is better with this USB NES controller

If you love playing old games in emulators on your modern computer, this old-school style NES style controller will take your gaming to the next level (pun intended).

Jawas are attacking your flowers!

For the consumate Star Wars nerd… uh… enthusiast who needs to extend the sci-fi geekness into the outdoor areas of the house, this little guy is bound to be top choice and probably totally unique in your neighborhood…

Get serious with this mega grill brush / scraper!

Got a big job to handle when scraping your BBQ grill? Looking to impress your NASCAR buddies with your manly cleaning abilities? There’s no better tool to use than this BBQ brush…

Glow in the dark Illuminottoman for patio living

If you’ve got a nice big pool and patio, you probably have a good chunk of cash, so these light-up cubes may be just the ‘kick’ your night-time parties need!

Turn your iPhone into a mini pinball machine

There’s no question that the iPhone is a huge gaming platform, but sometimes the touch screen just isn’t enough. Especially when you’re playing a ‘physical’ game like pinball. This gizmo helps with that…

One wall outlet to rule them all

I hope that someday, all houses will have at least one of these awesome outlets in each room similar to how every house has a primitive telephone jack in nearly every room.

The Stampler is a staplin’ and stampin’ all at once

Kill two boring office tasks in one slam of your fist with the Stampler — the combination stapler and rubber stamp!